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What is Brix Power?

Brix Power is a combination of powerful software for fast and efficient system for your HR, Payroll and Accounting needs.

Can I get only standalone software? Like for example I only want HR Brix only or Brix Pay (Payroll) only?

Definitely! All our software are designed to function individually, but it is recommended that your get bundle so you can experience the best functionality.

Can I use my existing Biometrics Device and integrate in your system?

Of course! Most of the Biometrics Devices can work well with our software.

What if there are certain functions that I want to put in our system which is not included in the package?

You can tell us about it and we will gladly check if it is possible. We can customize your system according to your needs.

Is Brix Power secured?

We make sure that we operate in the highest level of security and cover all the areas of our services.

Is Brix Power TRAIN-compliant?

Definitely! We make sure that the software our clients are using are always up-to-date and compliant with the national and regional policy with no additional charges.

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