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Seamless process. From Timekeeping to Salary Distribution. We have everything you need.

Secured Employee Database

Brix Power collates all your employees’ HR records and employee 201 files to make sure these are safely secured and can be easily retrieved.

Timekeeping and Attendance

Accurately track your employees’ time-in and time-out records, effortlessly set schedules, and proficiently create attendance reports that will avoid payroll discrepancies.

Leave Management

Easily manage employee’s leave requests and approvals while having a viewable statistics on employees’ leave usage.


Process payroll in a few clicks - customize payroll computations, produce and distribute pay slips without difficulty.

HR BrixPower

HR BRIX brings your HR processes to another level. It has an easy-to-use platform for timekeeping and leave management of your employees while easing the process of administrative works for your HR staff.

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